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Volunteering on a committee is a fun and exciting way to get involved with the board. When you join a committee, you can either join as a member for the year or some committees offer shorter length commitments called a Task Force. As a committee member, you will participate in meetings, events, and other various items, when needed. As a task force member within a committee, you will have a short term, defined task and goal. Once that goal is achieved, the task force is dissolved. Whether you are looking for a short term or long term volunteering opportunity, there is a committee eager for your help! Please contact any of the committee Chairs to start volunteering today!

Click on the Committee title to email the Committee Chair

Robin Sanctuary, Chair
Wes St. Pierre, member
Antonia Andriolli, member
Debbie Austin Brown, member

Professional Standards:
Robin Smith, Chair
Norma Couture, member
Kathy Wichland, member
Wes St. Pierre, member
Butch Morin, member
Kirsten Jutras, member
Shiela Lennon, member
Carol Pelzcarski, member
Tim Keating, member
Myra Mansori, member
Susan Doyle, member


Carol Slocum, Chair
Cindy Westover,  member
Edie Fifield, member
Michelle Howe, member
Bruce Murphy, member


Josh Greenwald, Chair
Judy Ikelkope, member
Sandy Cormier, member
Shannon Thompson, member
Tim Keating, member
Holly Gorsuch, member


Norma Couture, Chair

Communications & PR:
Sara Sheehan, Chair


Cindy Westover, Chair
Kathy Wichland, member
Kathy Malloy, member
Sara Sheehan, member


Michelle Howe, Chair
Joan Hoose, member
Debbie Austin Brown, member


Norma Couture, Chair


REALTOR of the Year:
Josh Greenwald, Chair
Robin Smith, member
Kathy Malloy, member


Honor Society:
Josh Greenwald, Chair
Elaine Hall, member
Robin Smith, member
Carol Pelczarski, member


Myra Mansouri, Chair
Bruce Murphy, member
Josh Greenwald, member
Carol Pelczarski, member
Elizabeth Tibbals, Executive Officer


New Member Liaison:
Carol Slocumi, Chair


NHAR Member Liaison:
Theresa Grella


Carol Slocum, Director
Bill Arnott, Alternate Director/Shareholder


Public Policy:
Bill Arnott, Director


Bruce Murphy